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Higher Brain Living Comes to the UKHigher Brain Living Comes to the UK

As the very first UK based, Higher Brain Living trained professional, I am absolutely thrilled to bring this practice to the UK.

The Higher Brain Living Discovery

I discovered Higher Brain Living in 2015 through a recommendation from a colleague and a lot of time spent online learning more.  I was so excited by what I learnt that I decided to go and experience first hand the profound benefits of HBL on retreat in Mexico.  Elated at my experience I knew what I needed to do and completed my own Higher Brain Living training in Chicago – it is now my mission to share this amazing discovery with as many people as possible, through Higher Brain Living.

To date I am the only practitioner in the UK and only 1 of 3 practitioners in the whole of Europe, the other 2 being based in Sweden.  So my work in Higher Brain Living UK is very exciting as I am right on the cusp of the process of bringing HBL to the awareness of people in the UK and most importantly, spreading the knowledge!

Why I Want YOU to Discover HBL Too

For me, Higher Brain Living has been a completely transformational tool.

As a professional bodyworker, I have spent more than 15 years immersing myself in alternative therapies, practices and searching for ways to better serve my clients.  My work guides me in releasing pain, emotional freedom and to bring people to feel happy and contented within themselves, which in turn helps me to feel happy and contented too.

Higher Brain Living was a major discovery for me, bringing together a mix of therapies in the most effective way I have ever found, to create a kind of shortcut to successful results.  The speed, impact and range of results I have personally seen through myself and those of my clients, has really opened my eyes – and this is coming from some-one who has spent almost 2 decades walking the ‘alternative’ path!

It’s for these reasons that I’m excited to bring Higher Brain Living to the UK and I want everyone to know about it – everyone really can benefit from it, because everyone has a pre-frontal cortex!

Your Invitation to Experience Higher Brain Living UK

It is time to bring HBL to the UK and you are reading this now because it has sparked an interest in you too!

I personally invite you to discover more right here on my website and facebook page, but also please explore the videos on the Higher Brain Living YouTube channel, here. You’ll notice these videos are from American practitioners as this is where Higher Brain Living was founded and I am the only person currently here in the UK delivering this knowledge.

Then when you are ready, please read more about my next workshops here.  I would love to see you there and very much welcome you to join me.

In the meantime if you have any questions at all please leave a comment below or get in touch privately here.




I invite you to join me on my next workshop here.

Join my Higher Brain UK community on facebook here.

Learn more about Higher Brain Living here.

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