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Holistic General PhysioHolistic General Physio

Michael has been a physio for 20 years and has a steady flow of people with;

Shoulder problems (usually rotator cuff strains),
Back problems (often lower back muscle strains or between the shoulder blades),
Hip issues (often ilio-psoas or long term arthritis),
Neck pain (sudden onset or postural),
Knee pain (often cartilage from injury),

And much more, from respiratory problems (asthma, COPD), migraines, foot pain, (often plantar fasciitis), and much more.

I have seen each of these so often.  In terms of treatment, I use,

Massage/trigger points/some myofascial/acupuncture for pain relief/ Bowen Technique/Cranio-Sacral/Breathwork/Therapeutic Ultrasound/ Neurostimulation with electrotherapy, also, occasionally Hypnotherapy.

Besides treatments though, I also give exercises that you can continue at home and a lot of advice which may involve discussion of de-stressing, medication, diet and supplementation.

I can usually give people a lot of reassurance and debunk what they have been told by their doctors or consultants.

So I would call myself a generalist.

I specialise in Multiple Sclerosis, Strokes and other Neurological conditions (see NeuroPhysio under Services), but I generally have something to offer people whether it be motivation, understanding the mind-body connection, or just the basics of recovering after injury or surgery.

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Holistic General Physio

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