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Multiple SclerosisMultiple Sclerosis

Michael has worked with people with MS in the South West MS Therapies Centre in Exeter since 2004.

He has seen how people can improve, maintain or decline with their symptoms over a decade or more.

Most of the people he sees on a regular basis are wanting to keep as fit as possible, to keep on top of any symptoms they may have and to address musculoskeletal problems, especially tightness, spasm, stress, balance, strengthening, joint and muscle imbalance, core stability, pelvic floor strengthening and to help with the pain.

For fatigue and brain fog, Michael has found that regular breathing exercises and the Higher Brain Living sessions can help and many find the Hyperbaric Oxygen can give a good energy boost as well as help with bladder problems and sleeping.

At the MS Centre there is a great well-equipped gym with parallel bars, wall bars, treadmill, Balance-master, VibroGym, Active-Passive exercise bikes to exercise arms or legs (can even be used from a wheelchair), LEVO Chair (which can stand people up straight from a sitting position and much more.

Michael has run Positivity for Health groups over the years which has demonstrated the importance of a positive mental attitude with MS as well as life in general. Also there was an OMS weekly group that was helpful in motivating and clarifying the work of Dr George Jelinek with extensive advice regarding supplements (especially Vit D) and diet.

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