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Mike provides many treatments including many forms of hands-on bodywork from trigger point release for muscles to cranio-sacral (listening to the body), Lasers/Infrared, (Thor LX2) Laser acupuncture, ultrasound and much more.

Online Consultations (Zoom or other)

If you would like some advice for your condition within the realms of General Physio or Neuro-Physio but you live further away than is possible for you to visit me or me you, then contact me regarding your condition and I will fix up an online consultation which will take

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New LASER, Near Infrared & Red Light Treatments.

The highest technology in Pain Relief, Soft tissue repair, Nerve (neurogenic) pain relief, even resolving old wounds or recent ones to get better wound and scar healing! See the amazing results from the testimonials on THOR Laser Healing Lasers can be used to resolve trigger points in muscles and

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Holistic General Physio

Michael has been a physio for 20 years and has a steady flow of people with; Shoulder problems (usually rotator cuff strains), Back problems (often lower back muscle strains or between the shoulder blades), Hip issues (often ilio-psoas or long term arthritis), Neck pain (sudden onset or postural), Knee pain

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Neuro Physio

We are very lucky in this country to have the NHS.  When someone has a stroke, they are taken to hospital where they are managed by a medical team who hopefully manage and stabilise their condition.  Then it is up to the Physiotherapy team to help get them up and

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Multiple Sclerosis

Michael has worked with people with MS in the South West MS Therapies Centre in Exeter since 2004. He has seen how people can improve, maintain or decline with their symptoms over a decade or more. Most of the people he sees on a regular basis are wanting to keep

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Cardio Vascular Accidents (Strokes)

It was 20 years ago that my first rotation as a student physio brought me to what I felt was the most rewarding of jobs for a Physiotherapist.  When someone has a stroke, which is a bleed or a blockage in the brain, it dramatically and suddenly changes their life. 

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Meditation, Mindfulness, Coaching/Energising and Breathwork.

At the end of 2015 Mike went to Mexico to a Higher Brain Living retreat which blew him away, so much that he went to Chicago in 2016/7 to train and become the first to bring the technique back to the UK. This involved coaching based on Ken Wilbers’ Integral

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