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Treatments Costs

Mike generally charges £40 for 40 min session or £50 for home visits in Totnes and Torbay which last approx 45 mins..

General Physio Session (40 minutes session)

Usually £45 (Room hire is more in Exeter) per 40 min session (includes VAT)

Call Mike for confirmation.

Online Consultations

£50 per 40 mins(includes VAT)

Home visits

Totnes & Torbay (and Exeter from Feb 2024).

£50 per 45mins but additional travelling costs if 5 miles outside my base (includes VAT)


Exeter or Totnes/Torbay.

£75 initial Assessment (1Hr)
Subsequent sessions £60, using THOR LX2 laser system and hands on therapies/techniques with home exercise program modified and progressed with each session.

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Online Consultations (Zoom or other)

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New LASER, Near Infrared & Red Light Treatments.

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Holistic General Physio

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Neuro Physio

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Multiple Sclerosis

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Cardio Vascular Accidents (Strokes)

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Meditation, Mindfulness, Coaching/Energising and Breathwork.