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Higher Brain treatmentHigher Brain treatment

This is from a client who came to me previously for a monthly massage to manage the stiffness in her back from previous spinal surgery and from fatigue with her MS which made her very grumpy and unable to go out more than one night a week without being totally wiped out.

In her words:

I feel like a completely different person in every way!

I am more confident with clear boundaries and feel comfortable with who I am. I was fearful and had a low opinion of myself. I wasn’t open with people and didn’t feel valued. I was at the bottom of the heap. I am now more thoughtful and am prepared to listen. I have risen above negative aspects of my marriage, now feeling positive. Instead of tolerating him, I love him. My changing has changed him. He is now much kinder and values me. I do feel happy.

I did some volunteering with the National Trust which I enjoyed but I do feel privileged to have a great environment around me.

My body is amazing. My back pain being 80% less now. My head no longer feels like a blancmange so my balance and vision have improved and I have so much energy! I also think more clearly. (Now I can garden for 5 hours instead of 20 mins and go out doing activities 4 or 5 evenings a week!)

I am more ‘in the moment’ and better at asking the right questions.

I am able to stand still and upright for more than 2 minutes without bending my knees/flattening my back or leaning against something but I can walk 8 miles and cycle 10 which makes me so happy and grateful.

I don’t feel on the same level as some of my friends now who are interested in material things, gossip and feeling sorry for themselves (I think ‘how sad’ but it does make me smile inside how my perspective has changed!!).

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