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New LASER, Near Infrared & Red Light Treatments.New LASER, Near Infrared & Red Light Treatments.

The highest technology in Pain Relief, Soft tissue repair, Nerve (neurogenic) pain relief, even resolving old wounds or recent ones to get better wound and scar healing!

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Laser Healing
Lasers can be used to resolve trigger points in muscles and with the THOR Laser Max, Mike can work on resolving issues by finding and treating sore points in muscles (using his knowledge of acupuncture and using the acu-locator laser) and use Red Light and Infrared clusters to improve lymphatics, reduce inflammation even improve stem cell production to more fully heal whatever needs to be worked on.

LLLT Laser
Low-Level Laser Therapy uses the light of a single frequency in a single beam to work deep into tissues/muscles to activate cells to produce growth factors and improve blood flow in a way other therapies cannot. Whether it is osteoarthritis or a sports injury, back or neck pain or a tendinitis laser can work wonders especially along with the Red-and infrared applicators that Michael uses for wound healing and repair.

Ideally the laser system gives best results over 6 weeks at twice a week, however many people can feel benefits after the first or couple of sessions.

These sessions are being offered at very low prices for July and August 2020 so don’t hesitate.

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New LASER, Near Infrared & Red Light Treatments.

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Holistic General Physio

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Neuro Physio

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Multiple Sclerosis

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Cardio Vascular Accidents (Strokes)

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Higher Brain Sessions, Brain Training and HRV.