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Higher Brain Sessions, Brain Training and HRV.Higher Brain Sessions, Brain Training and HRV.

At the beginning of 2016 I met up with Dr Rory McGill who I had known for some years as a very pleasant open minded Holistic Medical Doctor who works from Plymouth (Peverell Park Road).  He was just starting using two very fancy machines, one for doing EEGs (ElectroEncephalograms)The Mitsar 201 and the Nexus 10 for doing Brain Training (as well as a load of other biofeedback modules).  He was just getting into it and I was already very excited about this work as I had recently met a friend from New York who had done the BioCybernautics course with Dr Hardt and been reading about Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley talk about his experience of 40 years of Zen on his website.

So Rory was happy to have me sit in and experiment with the machines.

Rory has done many EEG’s now and has learnt a lot about interpreting results with his mentor.  His has been using the Brain training with a number of patients with anxiety, food disorders, depression and much more and getting great results with them.

I have been doing some braining training myself on the Nexus 10 and had my EEG done on the Mitsar.  It is very interesting and i believe we need to get this work out to a wider audience so we considered drawing up trials to bring to The MS Society and The Stroke Association to fund some research doing EEGs then 10 weeks of Brain Training and then subsequent EEGs to see any changes.

If you would like an EEG or to try some Brain Training sessions, please contact Dr McGill on 07709 110579 or on his website :

As for myself, in 2019 I purchased the Muse 2 neurobiofeedback system which is a headband, like something out of Star Trek that senses the electrical signals in the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain.  Using the App on my iphone I can meditate, being aware in real time as to how restful my mind is, as when, the waves go into Alpha, you begin to hear birdsong, and when the mind gets busy the gentle rain gets louder.

I love the device because it encourages me to meditate more often and keep track of my progress.

I am looking to get another to rent out to people so that they can practice at home for a few weeks before deciding whether to buy one for themselves.


Also there are a growing number of great free apps on the iphone and other devices such as NeuroNation , Wizard, Lumosity, Fit Brains, BrainYoga,  and many others.

I enjoy playing the games and some of my clients have bought the extra tailored games and love them.

If you’ve done the body: get to the Brain Gym and work out!!!!

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Higher Brain Sessions, Brain Training and HRV.