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Online Consultations (Zoom or other)Online Consultations (Zoom or other)

If you would like some advice for your condition within the realms of General Physio or Neuro-Physio but you live further away than is possible for you to visit me or me you, then contact me regarding your condition and I will fix up an online consultation which will take up to 40 mins and cost £50 which can be done by transfer prior to the session. With long waiting lists to see NHS Physios this may be a useful option for some. I will provide a suspected diagnosis, exercises, stretches and advice from 24yrs professional practice to enable you to get on top of your issue.

New LASER, Near Infrared & Red Light Treatments.New LASER, Near Infrared & Red Light Treatments.

The highest technology in Pain Relief, Soft tissue repair, Nerve (neurogenic) pain relief, even resolving old wounds or recent ones to get better wound and scar healing!

See the amazing results from the testimonials on THOR

Laser Healing
Lasers can be used to resolve trigger points in muscles and with the THOR Laser Max, Mike can work on resolving issues by finding and treating sore points in muscles (using his knowledge of acupuncture and using the acu-locator laser) and use Red Light and Infrared clusters to improve lymphatics, reduce inflammation even improve stem cell production to more fully heal whatever needs to be worked on.

LLLT Laser
Low-Level Laser Therapy uses the light of a single frequency in a single beam to work deep into tissues/muscles to activate cells to produce growth factors and improve blood flow in a way other therapies cannot. Whether it is osteoarthritis or a sports injury, back or neck pain or a tendinitis laser can work wonders especially along with the Red-and infrared applicators that Michael uses for wound healing and repair.

Ideally the laser system gives best results over 6 weeks at twice a week, however many people can feel benefits after the first or couple of sessions.

These sessions are being offered at very low prices for July and August 2020 so don’t hesitate.

Holistic General PhysioHolistic General Physio

Michael has been a physio for 20 years and has a steady flow of people with;

Shoulder problems (usually rotator cuff strains),
Back problems (often lower back muscle strains or between the shoulder blades),
Hip issues (often ilio-psoas or long term arthritis),
Neck pain (sudden onset or postural),
Knee pain (often cartilage from injury),

And much more, from respiratory problems (asthma, COPD), migraines, foot pain, (often plantar fasciitis), and much more.

I have seen each of these so often.  In terms of treatment, I use,

Massage/trigger points/some myofascial/acupuncture for pain relief/ Bowen Technique/Cranio-Sacral/Breathwork/Therapeutic Ultrasound/ Neurostimulation with electrotherapy, also, occasionally Hypnotherapy.

Besides treatments though, I also give exercises that you can continue at home and a lot of advice which may involve discussion of de-stressing, medication, diet and supplementation.

I can usually give people a lot of reassurance and debunk what they have been told by their doctors or consultants.

So I would call myself a generalist.

I specialise in Multiple Sclerosis, Strokes and other Neurological conditions (see NeuroPhysio under Services), but I generally have something to offer people whether it be motivation, understanding the mind-body connection, or just the basics of recovering after injury or surgery.

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Neuro PhysioNeuro Physio

We are very lucky in this country to have the NHS. 
When someone has a stroke, they are taken to hospital where they are managed by a medical team who hopefully manage and stabilise their condition.  Then it is up to the Physiotherapy team to help get them up and back on their feet, hopefully with intensive daily therapy until they are at least up and walking with a stick and are able to be discharged home.

This, in my experience is when the real problems start, when the person who has had the stroke and their families have to deal with the massive change.  The Occupational Therapists, Social Workers, Speech and Language Therapists and Physiotherapists may well come and give a few more visits, hopefully at home but then the progress can just stop.

The NHS doesn’t have the resources to continue treating people indefinitely even if continued therapy would be really useful and improve that person’s quality of life considerably.

This is where private Neuro Physio comes in and there is not much out there.  If you were lucky enough to be insured then you will get extra sessions of physio usually at the local private hospital.

In my experience there is inevitably a shortfall of support, good advice, and ongoing strategies and programmes in place or on hand to help the individuals affected and their families, assimilate the changes in their lives and strive to reach their highest potential in terms of the fullest recovery.

In some cases I have referred clients on for counselling and even hypnotism to relieve their anxieties and trauma, in others I have found them appropriate ankle (knee/wrist/hand) braces to help with foot/drop (where the person due to weakness has trouble lifting up their toes during walking) and other aids or discussed other issues which may arise.  The key thing is offering a holistic and experienced service to people who are trying to recover the best they can.

In the MS Centre where I am mainly based, I ran Positivity for Health groups for years as I feel that a positive mental attitude is crucial for us to achieve our goals.  We discussed many modalites and techniques from meditation to nutrition and we all have gained a great deal of support from it. is a great source of info for those with MS but also for anyone who wants to see some great research and advice on nutrition for optimal health.

I am particularly interested in Functional Medicine’s approach to assessing, informing and treating regarding our finding the road to our fullest health.  The most recent book along these lines is ‘Beat Autoimmune’ by Palmer Kippola (I’ve linked the podcast from Dr Pompa above).

At the MS Centre Michael uses the following machines/devices;

Balance Master – This machine is one you stand on and has a circular platform that you can change the angle of tilt as it rotates one way and then the other to test your balance or rehab from an ankle injury

Vibrogym – I have been using this for 10 years at the centre as it is excellent to give improved circulation and change the feeling of pins and needles at, stiffness or heaviness that many of my clients with M.S. have at 50Hz.  It also allows you to do intense exercise in short bursts to improve muscle 40Hz and there are proprioceptive benefits also at 30-35Hz. The machine allows you to do the equivalent of an hours work out at the gym in a little over 5 mins so is great for people with fatigue or reduced exercise capacity.

APS Therapy – There are a growing number of MS Centres across the country using this electrotherapy due to its ability to reduce fatigue, pain and abnormal neurogenic pain.  Amanda does a great video here showing details about the therapy and some members say how it helped them.  It uses 4 electrodes that stick onto head, neck, back, shoulders, legs etc as necessary but there is also a facility to put your feet or hands in a bowl of water and Epsom salts to receive the electrical impulses that way.

Recumbent Cross Trainer – My favourite machine at the moment is the Nustep Cross Trainer which allows people who can transfer (they do not need to be able to walk) to get a great cardiovascular work out !  This is really great for people who spend most of their time in a wheelchair or have difficulty walking fast enough to get out of breath.  It is with us for a while as there is a trail running called CogEx which is designed to see if a couple of months using this machine can improve peoples clarity of thinking, which is good news for members with MS who have ‘brain-fog’.

We also have a range of Active/Passive exercise bikes on which you can use your arms or legs to cycle, and if you cant do it, the bikes can do it for you.

There is a treadmill, parallel bars, wall bars, pulleys, resistance bands for arms, some weights, standing frames (more advanced than the Oswestry frames) and a few other vibration plates.

If you live in Exeter, Newton Abbot, Paignton or Torquay  I also do occasional home visits for those who need some help, advice, a routine to help themselves etc (depending on how much time if any, I have in the week). This is for those with Strokes, MS, Parkinson’s, or other Neurological condition or just general bad backs, necks, shoulders, hips, knees, migraines, respiratory problems, stress etc

Just call Michael on 07956 409300 to make an appointment.

Multiple SclerosisMultiple Sclerosis

Michael has worked with people with MS in the South West MS Therapies Centre in Exeter since 2004.

He has seen how people can improve, maintain or decline with their symptoms over a decade or more.

Most of the people he sees on a regular basis are wanting to keep as fit as possible, to keep on top of any symptoms they may have and to address musculoskeletal problems, especially tightness, spasm, stress, balance, strengthening, joint and muscle imbalance, core stability, pelvic floor strengthening and to help with the pain.

For fatigue and brain fog, Michael has found that regular breathing exercises and the Higher Brain Living sessions can help and many find the Hyperbaric Oxygen can give a good energy boost as well as help with bladder problems and sleeping.

At the MS Centre there is a great well-equipped gym with parallel bars, wall bars, treadmill, Balance-master, VibroGym, Active-Passive exercise bikes to exercise arms or legs (can even be used from a wheelchair), LEVO Chair (which can stand people up straight from a sitting position and much more.

Michael has run Positivity for Health groups over the years which has demonstrated the importance of a positive mental attitude with MS as well as life in general. Also there was an OMS weekly group that was helpful in motivating and clarifying the work of Dr George Jelinek with extensive advice regarding supplements (especially Vit D) and diet.

Cardio Vascular Accidents (Strokes)Cardio Vascular Accidents (Strokes)

It was 20 years ago that my first rotation as a student physio brought me to what I felt was the most rewarding of jobs for a Physiotherapist.  When someone has a stroke, which is a bleed or a blockage in the brain, it dramatically and suddenly changes their life.  They may be left with significant brain damage, with any level of disability from being bedridden for the rest of their life or with one side of their body paralysed (hemiplegia) or a slight limp or loss of fine, precise movement in one hand.

After the person wakes up in the hospital it might take a few days for them to be assessed to see what damage has occurred in the brain and whether it was a bleed or a blockage (which affects what meds are appropriate).

Once the swelling reduces from the brain injury and or the bleed is under control, it is up to the physios to get the person up out of bed and get walking again.

The others in the team are the consultant, doctor, occupational therapist, social worker, and of course, the nurses.

The person generally stays on the stroke unit for 2 or more weeks so it is nice for the physios and others on the team to get to know the client and help them to recover as much of their previous functional abilities as possible.

Sadly, when people then get discharged out of the hospital to go back home, they may still have significant disabilities that have not resolved and may not get much support after their intensive rehab in the hospital.

I have had the good fortune of having some clients for nearly 15 years who I have regularly seen make improvements long after the doctors said that they would be able to improve.

Getting good advice, the right aids, good hands-on therapy and support is crucial in making the best recovery possible over time.

Meditation, Mindfulness, Coaching/Energising and Breathwork.Meditation, Mindfulness, Coaching/Energising and Breathwork.

At the end of 2015 Mike went to Mexico to a Higher Brain Living retreat which blew him away, so much that he went to Chicago in 2016/7 to train and become the first to bring the technique back to the UK.

This involved coaching based on Ken Wilbers’ Integral Theory, energising movement, energetic touch and breath, all very exciting and effective

Mike has used meditation and mindfulness a lot for himself and this has helped him to find peace and an understanding of Fundamental Well-Being.

In Breathwork Mike has been lucky enough to do workshops with Dr Stanislav Grof, the creator of Holotropic Breathwork and Leonard Orr who wrote the seminal ‘Rebirthing in the New Age’ in the 1970’s. Breathwork is such an easy way to get into the psyche/unconscious that it should be taught in primary schools especially as breath is a primary requirement for life it is common sense to learn about it and educate yourself in its many varieties. On a recent holiday Mike came across the excellent ‘Breath’ by James Nestor which is a must-read for anyone interested or involved in Breathwork.

Since 2022 Mike has been running regular workshops to give a taster of Breathwork in Totnes at the Seven Stars so contact him if you are interested, (he currently has a winter series running once a month from November 23 to Jan 24)

As for myself, in 2019 I purchased the Muse 2 neurobiofeedback system which is a headband, like something out of Star Trek that senses the electrical signals in the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain.  Using the App on my iphone I can meditate, being aware in real time as to how restful my mind is, as when, the waves go into Alpha, you begin to hear birdsong, and when the mind gets busy the gentle rain gets louder.

I love the device because it encourages me to meditate more often and keep track of my progress.

I am looking to get another to rent out to people so that they can practice at home for a few weeks before deciding whether to buy one for themselves.


Also there are a growing number of great free apps on the iphone and other devices such as NeuroNation , Wizard, Lumosity, Fit Brains, BrainYoga,  and many others.

I enjoy playing the games and some of my clients have bought the extra tailored games and love them.

If you’ve done the body: get to the Brain Gym and work out!!!!

Client Testimonials

Oh WOW, Mike! Yesterday's treatment(s) on my hips made a huge difference - for the better! I am SOOOO impressed, THANK YOU!! Such a big smiley face, you could see it from space!