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There are open days approx the 3rd or 4th Saturday of each month.

Mike does 30min sessions of general bodywork based on such techniques as Bowen/CST/Zero Balancing/MyoFascial work. He gives general physio advice but focuses on a relaxing deep somatic experience. The suggested donation is £15 and spots book up quick so call ahead or get there early.
These have been going on all of 2024.

He also did a series of Breathwork seminars recently based on his experiences of workshops with Dr Stanislav Grof and the late Leonard Orr and also does one-on-one sessions and looks forward later this year to doing longer workshops of an hour rather than the usual 30mins for those that have been to the 30min sessions.
Let Mike know if you or have a group who would be interested.

His workshop on using Ken Wilber’s Integral work for self work and adding an energy boost technique went well in February. It was fun and i hope those who attended are keeping up with their resolutions 🙂

If you would like Mike to do a talk for your group on Physiotherapy/ Complementary approaches/ Holistic Physio for MS, Parkinsons or other Neurological conditions or the Naturopathic and Holistic Approach for General Health with a colleague – Aly Whitley – Let me Know.

Also I’m rolling out a new Workshop series with Lyn Avis in 2024 to integrate various aspects to help us Be more and Feel more.
‘Winning the Consciousness Game’ – including Breathwork, Energy Cultivation, Understanding Triggers, Integration, Using your Intuition and Feeling what Happiness is Like (:

Oh yes and and I’m still working on the books 🙂

New Totnes Clinic, Breathwork Tasters and Coaching using Integral Theory and Body/Breathwork.New Totnes Clinic, Breathwork Tasters and Coaching using Integral Theory and Body/Breathwork.

Michael is a part of the new Health Source Clinic opening in the last weeks of 2023. He has some events there, mainly Breathwork ‘Tasters’ where he will discuss the three breath work modalities of Dr Stan Grof’s Holotropic Breathwork, Leonard Orr’s Rebirthing & Wim Hof’s Method, and then with some gentle relaxation and some music to take you around the world as you breathe, you will be guided to focus on your breath for 30 mins. This is a short breathe and there will be plenty of time for sharing (if you wish), and integration. Bring a pillow and blanket (better to be too warm than cold) and call Michael beforehand with any questions. This is not deep therapy, counselling or psychotherapy, it is a simple short demo of paying attention to connected breathing and the focus, body awareness, dream-like and other profound states which may be experienced.

There will be a further Breathwork on 8th February 2024 – same times and place.

On 26th January 2024, at the same address and times, Michael will offer a perfect way to start your 2024 by showing attendees, the Integral work of Ken Wilber (American philosopher/writer) and how to use it to choose Action Points to change your life in a small or large way with a simple daily energy promoting practice to ‘anchor in’ and boost your resolve and clarity. This workshop may be repeated after 6 weeks.

The suggested Donation for these workshops is only £10 per person.

Client Testimonials

Oh WOW, Mike! Yesterday's treatment(s) on my hips made a huge difference - for the better! I am SOOOO impressed, THANK YOU!! Such a big smiley face, you could see it from space!