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2020 – The Brain, The Mind & M.S.2020 – The Brain, The Mind & M.S.

The Brain – Hugely Complex – but there are so many great new books and researchers decoding it with the help of Functional MRI scans and other modern ways of seeing what’s going on.

The Brain

I’ve been listening to several books on audible over the past few months, particularly Steven Kotler’sStealing Fire‘ and ‘Mapping Cloud 9‘ which are both excellent, particularly in looking at what is going on in what parts of the brain according to imaging and an understanding of the neurochemisty as well as the neuroanatomy, which on scans show which parts are lighting up and which parts are dumbing down in certain states, such as in mystical states, being in the zone, in the flow state or in states of profound healing.

Also Dr Joe Dispenza’s ‘Evolve Your Brain’ is a great listen but is very long and detailed but in a good way. I had to replay several chapters, several times but it is great for getting a better idea of neuro, imaging, neurotransmitters, and plenty on meditation and useful practices.

I am constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the brain’s function because of my clients over the past 14 years with MS with fatigue and brain-fog. It is my feeling that the functional medicine approach is the closest in looking at ways of treating autoimmune diseases, with diet, detoxing, chelating, supplementing and other strategies.

Also, as I have been working with people with Strokes and Parkinson’s since 2000 it would be great to see how the neuroprotective CBD compounds and the new regimes with NADh plus co enzyme q-10 could help reduce brain damage and speed a better recovery from neuropathology.

The Mind

After qualifying as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2019 I feel that I have certainly learnt a lot more about the mind and how when we change our inner dialogue and replace negatively interpreted memories with neutral or even positive ones, how much better we can feel and see the world.

I have also stepped up my meditations, and here include some of my favourite masters, Mooji and Sadhguru’s simple meditation from his website.

Stress is the most obvious thing that makes us feel bad and if we are unwell it just aggravates our symptoms – I have seen this many times in MS, so I see meditation and stress reducing strategies as crucial in symptom reduction.

Multiple Sclerosis

I am writing a book about what I have been doing for and learnt from my clients at the South West MS Therapies Centre for over a decade.

There have been so many books, diets, strategies, TED talks, interventions to help MS and the symptoms over the years, and I have followed them all with interest. I have come across another one just the other day which looks worth a look. See Dr Pompa and Palmer Kippola who has just released a new book ‘Beat Auto-Immune‘ that is from the Functional Medicine approach.

I have many plans as usual for the New Year and wish you all well (-:

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