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After a year of hard work, lots of reading, free case studies, lots of learning and typing up of notes taken each month in a weekend intensive with a great group (5 others) and lots of Zoom meetings, finally I passed the exams and am now a Clinical Hypnotherapist!!!

We learnt so many tools especially diving into Parts therapy and Regression, but also the Fork in the Path, Coping to Mastery and a bunch of other ways of working with people to help them integrate unresolved emotional stuff that often lies at the bottom their ‘bad’ habits that they have gotten into and want to change. In one case study, a woman who had constant pain agreed to a very simple suggestion in Parts therapy and she had no pain for 2 weeks afterwards (and then she injured her leg)! It is amazing that the mind can agree to turn off pain that has been around for so long, so easily!

Also I had a great weekend in Totnes with Johnathon Fitzgordon of New York looking at his approach to viewing posture to relieve tension on the psoas muscle and lower back. After a 2 hour session on Friday one chap told me he was able to walk without pain in his lower back for more than an hour around the hill of Totnes which he was shocked and amazed by.

It will certainly change how I look at peoples postures and advise people with back pain, and I loved the ‘Psoas Release Party’ – felt amazing afterwards.

I definately recommend everyone to follow Johnathon or have a look at his material to create an amazing change for themselves and others.

Mike x

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