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A Week of Transformational ChangeA Week of Transformational Change

It’s been a really exciting time for me recently as I’ve been working on some new and really interesting ideas, particularly in the area of transformational change.

I’ve been looking at ways of bringing together the key elements of all the different therapies I have trained in to create a unique strategy designed to help shortcut results for my clients – transformational change.

When I say shortcut, of course I don’t mean cheating – because life experience I’m sure has taught most of us that cheating always comes back to bite you in the end!

What I mean is simply that I am working on creating a course that takes the key elements of therapies I have personally found, and that my clients have found, to be potentially most beneficial in creating transformational change in yourself.  By combining these elements we can make the best of everything from many therapies for what could mean even bigger results, in a much shorter time frame.

That’s my plan anyway!

So for now I am very interested to hear from YOU.

What would you like to see in my next course and how would you prefer it delivered to help you get the results you yearn for?  How do you learn most effectively?

At the moment I am pondering a day long workshop format vs an ongoing weekly practice – kind of like going to your weekly Yoga class.  But this would be designed for the mind, body and spirit to work together in helping you achieve your goals.

What would really interest you?

What are YOUR goals…?

When I say I want to help you develop your own skills and strategies to achieve your own goals, I really do mean that.  It’s what I do and I see the true value in this every day.

But perhaps what I mean by ‘goals’ and the modern, common meaning of goals are slightly misaligned.

Let me explain.

When I work with my clients I like to focus on transformational change.  The kind of stuff that takes you from where you are, to where you currently can only dream of being.

But how do you do this?

Well a lot of it is to do with analysing critical areas of your life to determine where you are vs where you want to be.  Setting a ‘goal’ in this way helps you to map out your path.

Add in techniques from other therapies I have learnt, including Higher Brain Living, and you have a complete mind, body, spirit approach to help you achieve the success in whichever area of your life you wish to focus on.

And the real beauty is that this can be rinsed and repeated for any area of your life, at any time.

My Wish For You

I really do hope that after reading this blog post you have the confidence to book your place on my next workshop (click here for details – shameless plug, but it has to be done!!).  Take the steps to create an even better life for yourself – we only live once after all.
I look forward to meeting you there.


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