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So you’ve never heard of Higher Brain Living UK? That’s ok.So you’ve never heard of Higher Brain Living UK? That’s ok.

Welcome to Higher Brain Living®. You have made a wonderful, potentially life-changing discovery. And I say none of this lightly, I talk only from experience – both my own and that which I have experienced with my clients.

What on Earth is Higher Brain Living® UK?
So, you’ve never heard of Higher Brain Living® UK (until now). And that’s ok! I’m very glad you have made the discovery. The fact that you are reading this, right now, shows that it has at least created intrigue for you.

I invite you now to read on, learn, ask me any questions that spring to mind via my contact page. (I honestly love to connect with anyone who is interested in HBL). Really get the feeling for Higher Brain Living®.

Then, when you’re ready, come along to one of my workshops or book a private session and experience Higher Brain Living® for yourself. There is nothing quite like feeling it in action!

What Higher Brain Living® is to me:
I am of course a Higher Brain Living® practitioner, the first and so far only practitioner in the UK and one of only 2 in the whole of Europe.

Why is this? Because Higher Brain Living® is a brand new concept to Europe and the UK. it originates from America and the work of Dr Michael Cotton and is slowly starting filter out of America to the benefit of more people around the world.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because Higher Brain Living® lacks Eastern origin that it won’t give you a profoundly spiritual experience. Dr Cotton has used scientific methods, research and experience to create this wonderful technique.

It taps into the higher brain – the pre-frontal cortex – and access it’s ‘hidden power’. By using Higher Brain Living® to access this power, you can also access abundance, joy, confidence and even connect on a deeper spiritual level.

In 10 years time I hope it will be a commonly used practice worldwide, much in the same way as Acupuncture or massage is today, for instance.

To me, having experienced Higher Brain Living® at a retreat in Mexico, I was so blown away that I instantly knew I had to learn to do this! So that’s exactly what I did. Having a background of Neuro Physio I already had a professional interest in the brain and how we can re-wire it. What created a spark in me was seeing how quickly Higher Brain Living® could be used to achieve results that previously could have taken months or even years.

In my own words:
Higher Brain Living® seems to be a fast-track approach to re-wire your brain to achieve your goals.

However, looking at it from a complimentary therapist point of view… I see it as so much more. I see it as breathwork, bodywork, life coaching, health coaching and spirituality all rolled into one.

What Higher Brain Living® can do for you:
Higher Brain Living® could do absolutely anything for you that you want it to.

I say this because you are the person who decides where to take it. You identify the areas you want to work on, set your goals and do the exercises to support them. With a review 6 weeks later you have the opportunity to asses how life has changed for you. This review highlights the difference in yourself since doing Higher Brain Living®.

I have to say that so far I have never seen a case of anyone who wasn’t blown away by what they had achieved by using Higher Brain Living®. Or really I should say:

what you have done for you, using the Higher Brain Living® techniques.

Because really, it is all down to you. You must take the first step and continue along your journey, Higher Brain Living is simply the knowledge and guidance to assist you.

My Wish For You
I really do hope that after reading this blog post you have the confidence to book your place on my next workshop (click here for details – shameless plug, but it has to be done!!). Take the steps to create an even better life for yourself – we only live once after all.

I look forward to meeting you there.

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